Smart Video Doorbell Cameras For Home | Review Of Top 5 Video Doorbells

Smart Video Doorbell Cameras For Home | Review Of Top 5 Video Doorbells

Purchasing a video doorbell will definitely help to improve your home security system. You can select the smart-lock video doorbells through which you can allow the person in just by a touch.

A video doorbell or a smart connected device that is the integration of a doorbell and a web-connected smart security camera. It will send you the notifications to your mobile directly, allowing you to catch the live video of the person waiting in front of your door. Some advanced video doorbells allow you to communicate through two-way audio.

What is the Need for the video doorbell?

You can have some privacy, safety, and added comforts with the video doorbell. 5 most important benefits of a doorbell cam are, 

1.To Know Who Is At The Door.

No need to open the door to see who is ringing your doorbell. Video Doorbell sends you the notification to your mobile and you can easily identify the person who is standing at the door.

2.Communicate With Visitors Without Opening The Door.

Smart Video Doorbells made it possible to communicate with visitors without even opening your door. You need a video doorbell that has installed a two-way audio system to communicate with them.

3.Can See Who Came By When You Are Out.

A smart video doorbell can also act as a security system when you are away from the home. Video doorbells will send you the pictures and video clips of the person entering your doorstep to your phone. This feature is crucial when you have orders to be placed at the doorstep. 

4. High-Quality Video Surveillance.

The video doorbell will provide you with an extra advantage by covering the area in front of the door. This will helps you to take care of your property. The range of video coverage depends on the resolution of the video camera.

5.Much Needed Component Of The Home Security System.

If you already have an installed home security system, The video doorbell can eliminate the need for an outdoor security camera. Because a good video doorbell can cover a wide range of field areas.

Here we are going to review the top 5 best video doorbells for your home.

Top 5 Video Doorbells For Your Home

1.Arlo Video Doorbell.

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Arlo video doorbell is a complete package of a video doorbell, as it has every standard feature of a video doorbell. Moreover, it is cost-effective also. So we would love to rank it as the best video doorbell in recent days.

Arlo doorbell allows you to see the person whoever out there at your doorstep and you can communicate through the Alexa smart home or your smartphone.

This video doorbell offers you premium features like 30-days of rolling video storage, smart motion detection, and custom motion activity zones, But you have to buy them for yourself. Arlo video doorbell has HDR video recording with night vision, also has a 180-degree field view.


  • Sharp high-res HDR video Capture.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • Compatible with Alexa voice command.
  • Easy to install and no hub required.


  • Wiring is required.
  • Bulky design.
  • Smart notifications need a subscription.

2.Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

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Ring video doorbell is an advanced doorbell with high-tech specifications. It covers the 160-degree field view with a high-quality 1080p video resolution, Also has 3 infrared LEDs to give night vision up to 30 feet and a built-in motion sensor. When someone presses the bell it starts recording and sends a notification to your phone. You can purchase premium cloud storage to download the recorded videos.

Compatible with Alexa voice command and other smart devices through IFTTT. You won’t miss any activity in front of the door as it has pre-buffering video capture even before they trigger the motion sensor. Installation is easy and you may feel uncomfortable with the low-voltage wiring.


  • pre-buffering motion detection.
  • Sharp 1080p recording.
  • Compatible design.
  • Supports Alexa and Other smart home systems through IFTTT.


  • Pricey.
  • Have to buy access to recorded videos.

3.Google’s Nest Hello.

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If you have no problem with your budget you can go for this video doorbell. Google Nest Hello is the first video doorbell that has face recognition based on the previously recorded videos and the people who you added to your account. Facial recognition is an optional feature as you can turn it off in the settings.

You have to pay for this benefit, however, but you will take high-quality video and 24/7 recording. Much more effective security camera than any other video doorbell.

It delivers the pre-recorded responses “You can leave it,” “We’ll be right there,” and, “No one can come to the door” when you tap the response button on your notification screen. This video doorbell has a 160-degree field view with a good 8X zoom.


  • Facial recognition.
  • Slender design.
  • Compatible with Google Home and Alexa devices.
  • Motion and sound detection with response button.


  • Little expensive.
  • Requires electrical wiring for installation.
  • Nest aware subscription is needed for many features.

4.August View Smart Doorbell.

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When you have the desire of having a video doorbell, the love towards the smart lock will also follow. If you want to let the person in just with a touch on your smartphone or If you have some mobility issues, Then this August View Cam with a smart lock option would be a great choice for you.

August View is very motion sensitive and has pre-buffering of 10 seconds before the actual activity occurs. A good high-tech video doorbell that every house owner would love to have. August View Cam comes with a removable, rechargeable battery, which is a good feature. You have to remove and recharge the battery after every 2 months of use.


  • Sharp video resolution.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Easy to install.
  • Smart lock.


  • Needs subscription to view recorded video.
  • Lack of IFTTT integration.

5.Ring Peephole Cam.

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If you are looking for a completely wireless doorbell cam then this is the one for you. Ring Peephole Cam is best suitable for the apartments. Ring Peephole Cam has all the common features like motion detection, compatible with Alexa voice commands, IFTTT operated applications, sharp day and night video recording, and many more.

It has a removable lithium-ion battery pack that can be recharged by using a USB cable. Its sleeky design makes it more attractive than any other video doorbell cams.


  • Completely wireless.
  • Sharp video recording.
  • Supported for Alexa Home.
  • Easy installation.


  • Need subscription to view the recorded videos.

Concluding as:

Installing a video doorbell is an essential part of the home security system. You have to select wisely according to your requirements and more importantly within your estimated budget. Sometimes standard features are more than enough as you need extra subscriptions for the advanced features.

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